Monday, October 19, 2009

Creating A Life Plan

Creating a life plan is much easier then it sounds. A life plan starts with goals and a detailed pathway on how to get there. For most of us it's not how to get there that is the challenge; it's making a commitment to our self to see the pathway through.

Creating a life plan can be overwhelming if you chose to do this in one setting. I suggest over a 2 week period (depending on what your seeking to accomplish) dedicate 1 -2 hrs daily to creating your life plan On Paper. It is well worth the effort. Those that choose to create life plans are far more satisfied with their life and have a comfortable since of direction then those that don't. I will use myself for example. I need structure in order to function. If I have to make a choice no matter how big or how small, I get an overwhelming feeling which ends up being frustration in a matter of seconds if I don't have time to think it through. Part of my on going life plan is to get as organized before 2010. As you may have read in a prior blog my objective was to organize our closets. For some people this is a simple task however for those of us that have created a life plan, the picture is much bigger then re-organizing a closet. It is a process. Above is an example of a life plan to reorganize my home. Click on the picture to see the diagram enlarge. The goal is to organize my home. In every color block I listed a reason why I want to accomplish this goal. The lines are some of the task on how I chose get there.