Monday, October 26, 2009

Coupons!!!!! Who uses those anymore? .....The best of the best

Have you heard of A sister friend of mind turned me on to this site and I have to say that this is definitely a worth while “Real Life Game” to play. When you subscribe to, you are privied to all of weekly sales for the grocery stores in your area via one site.

The basic concept is Coupons... Yes you heard me right, remember those things? compiles the sales with the manufacturers and in store coupons, letting you know how much you save and how much you will spend. You should purchase 1 Sunday paper for every house hold member or ask anyone you know that may buy the paper for their coupons if they are not using them.

About 2 weeks ago my sister friend spent $5.93 and saved an $68.35 with Publix's Buy1 get1 free sale and using coupons. This is what she purchased 6 Arm & Hammer Tooth Paste-Free, 4Packages of Hillshire Farm Sausages @.49$ per package, Mabeline Mascara @.29$, 4 Krusteaz Bakery Cookies @.15$ and 4 Snuggles Fabric Softener Free.

Being a single mother, it is definitely worth purchasing, cutting and filing these coupons to say the least. Playing this will save you time and money. For more info on how to play the grocery game check out: or simply log on to