Friday, July 8, 2011

Fast Food is so convenient or is it?

There are many different avenues you can take to stay financially healthy. Many of us who struggle or have struggled with simply maintaining often bounce back to the point of really only learning to stay afloat. That is not healthy! It is hard living with just the bare necessity's. I can admit to that. But working just to pay the bills seems hardly fair. I think that it is really time to go back to the basics. What happened to cooking meals at home? I remember when I was little, my mother who was a single parent with 3 girls would come home (after working as a Nursing Assistant in a Nursing home) and make us a home cooked meal. Was she tired? Yes! Had she worked hard all day? Yes! Was cooking a home meal less convenient then fast food? Yes!

We all get tired at some point. I also truly believe that times are not the same as then. Everything seems even more convenient now then it ever has. There is literally a McDonald's on every corner or some fast food joint. It easier to stop and pick up a couple hamburgers but think of the bigger picture. What value is that adding to your life, to your health, to your pockets? None! It is simply a scape goat. I understand  every now and then but families are seriously eating at McDonald's more then half of the week and that's only considering the dinner hours. It's surely not easy on the pockets. Add the amount of money you spend in a month on the amount of fast food you buy and if you have never done that before, you are in for a huge shock.

I was one of those moms who bought fast food because I was too tired to cook but when I checked my monthly spending in regards to how much I spent on fast food, it was ridiculous. (Not to include the toll it takes on your health). Besides I really enjoying eating meals with my boys at the end of the day. It gives us time to catch up on our day! So I would encourage you to balance your monthly spending by watching how much you spend at restaurants, fast food places and coffee shops by challenging yourself to the following:

  1. Instead of buying a fast food meal after work for the fam several times a week, buy a hamburger or a fry to hold them over until dinner is ready. Try this maybe 1 or 2 days a week. The other days they can eat a PB and J sandwich! Its better for them anyway!
  2. Instead of buying coffee every morning, try picking 3 days out of the week!
  3. Start cooking one pot meals. What happen to the days of Yellow Rice and Chicken? It takes less then 5 minutes to clean skinless chicken breast, season and throw the chicken in some boiling water. About an hour later add the rice and walla, there you have it!
There are other ways to control your spending. Most of it requires self discipline. Challenge yourself by making small goals and sticking to those goals for 3 weeks at time and then add to those goals. You may be pleasantly surprised at your progress!

~Sincerely Striving