Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Take the Challenge: Mind you’re spending

Part 1:                                                         
There have been times throughout my life when I have said to myself if I would have done this differently or that differently that would have been a better decision. The truth is life is a learning lesson. Ask yourself if you had done this or that differently would it have really made that big of a change in your life and would you be the person you are had those changes occurred. For some of us, the answer may be yes. Especially when it comes to our finances! There are so many “free” websites that offer education on personal finances so take advantage of that information by searching the web. Here is a personal challenge for you to take on this month:

Challenge 1: Mind your spending (by):

 Keeping track of every purchase (write down the item and the cost)

 At the end of the month tally the total amount you spend

 Next tally separately what was not a necessity

 Ask yourself what items added any value to your life

 The following month try to spend below the amount that was not a necessity (remember to still keep track of every purchase) It helps!

Good luck and be blessed!

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